The concept behind HBE clothing revolves around sustainability and transparency as core values of our project. The only way to achieve credibility and responsibility as a brand is by being transparent and honest when it comes to the manufacturing process of our products.

Porto, PT

Our garment manufacturer "Creative Textile Solutions" is located in the north of Portugal, 40 km from Porto. The production, settled in the beautiful landscape of Portugal, helps us to produce and develop our clothing, having many years of experience. The production is focused on working with GOTS-certification. This enables us to produce first-rate garments under the highest ecological and social standards.

Our embroiderer "A.F. Vilas Boas, Lda." specialises in the production of all types of embroidery, transfers and textile appliqués, exclusively customised for each client. The company has sophisticated equipment and qualified professionals who offer quality and sophistication in all the products and services it develops.

Our printer, the "Table Group", has experience in the textile business since 1988. Their mission is to achieve an outstanding textile product using only highly sustainable techniques with permanently investing in new and modern technologies. Through their work, we are able to use the most modern printing techniques, with which we prevent environmental impact while having high quality products. 

Our washing mill "Quanto&Santo" helps us to finalize our product with their unique natural washing and dying methods. They are focused on sustainable industrial techniques and are constantly evolving new methods to provide sustainable high-quality fashion. The collaboration of all these different production sites enables us to create our designs in a sustainable and unique way. 
We as HBE clothing would like to express our appreciation for all the support and help we received during the time of development and are grateful for meeting the amazing people behind these production sites.

In our interpretation of transparency, providing detailed information about the costs of manufacturing our products is very important.

Shown here are all the necessary costs to produce our socially and ecologically justifiable “Woke Up” t-shirt:

  • Materials: 5,74€
  • Workmanship: 3,48€
  • Embroidery / Prints: 6,96€
  • Washing: 1,22€

Production Costs: 17,40€

  • Logistics / Transport: 5,67€
  • Marketing: 2,88€
  • Company costs: 4,19€
  • Profit: 9,55€
  • VAT (19%): 9,31€

Final price: 49,00€

All profits made from our products are used to finance upcoming collections. HBE clothing is meant to grow organically, therefore, we keep 100% of the generated profits inside the company in order to be able to deliver high-quality products collection by collection.