HBE clothing x Mary Bobson

Meet our Artists 

"I love abstract art because everyone will see something of their own in the picture"

In 2020, we launched an open call to connect with artists from all around the world and asked them to share their vision of revolution with us. The format MEET OUR ARTISTS presents those artists, that lastly inspired our designs available in the first collection. 

Meet Mary, one of our collaborating artists and the face behind 'Depth of Thought'.  Revolution doesn't always have to be spot-on, sometimes it can mean to just chase your dreams against the odds. Born in Russia and always passionate about art, Mary became first a Doctor of Economics. Still, the thought of being a full-fledged artist never let her go and here we are: Depth of Thought is a signature piece of Mary's abstract art and textured styles. Check out more of her work at her Pinterest Page or her Website